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Diamond harvest scheme is a unique savings scheme provided by RENA FINE JEWELLERY PRIVATE LIMITED. Wherein, the member invests a specific amount of money every month. The process goes on for 12 months. After completion of 12 months, a bonus amount is added to the accumulated amount .
The bonus amount is ½ the amount of your monthly deposit. At the end of 1 year the member can purchase any of the jewellery from our website or can be custom made as per the requirement.
The scheme is specially meant for the upcoming occasions next year, say- birthdays in family, friends. Anniversary in the family. Wedding in the family, shopping for next Diwali, Dassera,Christmas, Id or simply gifting it to somebody.
The scheme goes this way:
Suppose you decided to save 5000/- per month. At the end of 12 months you have collected with us 60000/-. Bonus from our side is 2500/-. At the end of 1 year you can buy jewellery worth 62500/- from us.
Under any circumstances, the scheme cannot be encashed.
After completing 12 installment only, bonus will be added and not before that.
Gold coins and solitaires cannot be purchased by this scheme. Only diamond jewellery can be purchased from our website.
All items purchased under the scheme will be subject to sales tax or other taxes as applicable.
Prepayments of installments at one time and redemption ( with bonus) thereon before indicated date of maturity will not be allowed. If the member wishes to prepay all installments, he/she will be eligible for bonus only on maturity date and not before that.
RFJ is the sponsor of the scheme and resources the right to suspend the scheme at any time. In any such event, the member may purchase any item from our website equal to the amount accumulated as on that date.
Members need to redeem their account within one month from the date of maturity.
Under DHS late payments will be considered as default payments and will be considered for proportionate redemption in bonus calculation.
No account transfer or balance transfer shall be made under the scheme to another person other than the original account holder.
In the event of the death of the account holder, the account is transferable only to the person , whose nomination had been filed by the original account holder at the time of opening the account. In case the account holder does not wish to nominate any person, any claim made by other person on behalf of the account holder will not be entertained. The nominee claiming the balance in the account shall await the balance only on producing adequate identity proof.
The liability of RFJ is limited to the accumulated amount paid in form of installments by the account holders and the accruing bonus as per the scheme and conditions laid thereon, thus not lead to any assurances or warranty whatsoever.
RFJ reserves the right to effect forfeiture on any amount that is lying in any members account, in case the said member does not purchase/ redeem even after expiry of six months from the date of maturity or default continuously in payments of installments.
In case of any change in the amendment of law, rule, sets ,etc. by any regulatory authorities,
Necessary requirements as per the same have to be complied by the member/ customer.

Necessary requirements as per the same have to be complied by the member/ customer.
In case of change of address, contact details the customer is required to intimate us within 7 days from the date of change.
RFJ reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete part or whole of the priviledges of the scheme without prior notice to the members.
The maturity value will be calculated only in terms of Indian rupee. The maturity value will be calculated according to the first payment date and type of scheme selected after considering delay in payments by customer and cheque bouncing, if any.
Payment of monthly installments can be made by cash/ cheque/ DD in favour of RENA FINE JEWELLERY a/c DHS. Monthly installments should reach us not later than 3 days of your enrolment date, which is latest due date every month. Payment received later than this date will be considered default for that month. RFJ will not be liable or responsible to send reminders for payments.
At the time of redemption, the customer is required to provide the original pass book. In case the original pass book is lost, duplicate passbook can only be issued if the customer provides an indemnity bond and all necessary documents. If RFJ is not convinced or satisfied about the authority of the claim/ request for duplicate passbook. Duplicate passbook will require all original receipts of the installments paid and an administration charges of 100/-
Customer shall provide government identity proof while redemption of the scheme.
Installments can be directly deposited in our bank account.
  Bank name: HDFC
  Bank branch : Borivli(w), Mumbai. India
  Account no. : 01452560005602.
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