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Carat :
Weight of Diamonds is expressed in carats.As the weight of diamond increases, the price per carat of diamond also increases.
1 Carat = 100 Cents 5 Carats = 1 Gram
The internal and external features denotes the clarity grade. The position, Size, Number and Visibility of feature, determines the clarity grade. Diamonds which are free from inclusions under magnification and which are not visible to naked eye command an excellent value.
Clarity Gradation: IF  VVS1  VVS2  VS1  VS2  SI1  SI2  I1  I2  I3
Diamonds occur in different types of colours. Most diamonds in jewelley are colourless to slightly Yellow/Brownish tones. The colour grade is determined by comparison with a series of master stones. The best grade being colourless.
The fluorescence of the diamond is an important feature which is graded on a scale – Nil-Slight-Medium-Strong. Better the colour and “Nil” the fluorescence, price command is excellent.
Colour Gradation:
WHITE  - D   E    F    G
COLOUR GETS DARKER - J     K      L    ……..R  
Cut grading is related to the propositions of the various parts of the diamond finish factor – polish of symmetry is also evaluated. Different parameters determine whether cut is ‘Good, Very good, Excellent or Ideal’.
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