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  Facts about Diamonds
The diamond derives its name from the greek word “Adamas’  meaning the UNCONQUERABLE.
The Diamond is the hardest substance (available on the surface of the earth) that was ever produced by Mother Earth.
At a depth of 200kms, At the temperature of 1700 to 25000C, At a pressure of 75,000 kgs per sq cm – that minuscule carbon crystalised “Diamonds” are born.
The Diamond shows its best luster when it is cut in Round Brilliant Shape.
Round Brilliant cut diamonds have 58 facets
A single diamond of two carats costs more than two times the cost of 2 one carat diamonds.
On an average, each Diamond will lose 50% of its original weight during cutting and polishing.
A diamond is four times harder than the next hardest mineral corundum (Ruby, Sapphire etc.)
The Four C”s  concept that determines  the value of Diamond was introduced in the year 1939.
A white Diamond will not allow electricity to pass through it.
Diamonds are not affected by any acid or alkaline material.
The Diamonds that had blue tinge which were originally mined from the Jager Fontain  in South Arfica were called Blue Jagers.
Diamond can be cut in brilliant, marquise, baguette, pears, tapers etc.
A Black diamond will allow electricity to pass through it.
Diamond gets attracted to grease and oil.
One carat weight is equal to 200 milligrams.
‘Piques’ in the Diamond means Impurity in the stone.
Table facet is the top facet or the face of a Diamond.
The luster of a Diamond is called Adamantine luster.
The Diamond reflects more than 85% of light it receives.
The colour grading of a Diamond starts from ‘D’ meaning Diamond and proceeds further even upto ‘R’
The prices of Diamond is determined by 4 C’s Cut colour Clarity, Caratage (weight of diamond)
VVS quality does not mean very very superior quality. It means, Diamond with very, very small inclusions not visible to naked eye.
Gem quality means Top quality in all aspects.
Diamonds were first mined in INDIA over 2,800 years ago.
Natural diamonds in pink,red ad blue colour are Rare.
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